Joint Replacement Surgery

The physicians of Tallgrass Orthopedic & Sports Medicine stand at the forefront of surgical treatment for bone and joint problems. When arthritic, inflammatory or post-traumatic conditions lead to severe deterioration of the joint, replacement surgery may be an option.

Annually, more than 500,000 people undergo this type of surgery. The surgery aims to relive pain and restore function by replacing the damaged areas of the joint with metal or plastic components. The joints most commonly replaced include the knee, hip and shoulder.

We believe that effective joint replacement requires a combination of surgical expertise and collaboration among primary care physicians, specialists and rehabilitation experts. This approach led to the development of the Joint Replacement Center at University of Kansas Health System – St Francis. The center is a dedicated inpatient department within the hospital that utilizes pre-operative education, highly specialized staff, group physical therapy, and other special amenities to enhance your recovery, reduce costs and shorten your length of stay.

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