Bracing and Durable Medical Equipment

BracingDMETallgrass Orthopedic & Sports Medicine provides bracing and durable medical equipment (DME) services at our Main Topeka office location.  Our certified athletic trainer and support staff provide expertise in fitting, application and maintenance of your bracing and equipment needs. Braces can assist you in your recovery from injury or surgery and can help protect you from further injury.


The Clinic Arm Sling

Image 1 Clinic Arm Sling
The Clinic Arm Sling is a sized canvas sling that supports the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand.

The Slingshot 2 Shoulder Brace

Image 3 SlingShot 2 Shoulder Brace

The Slingshot 2 Shoulder Brace features a comfortable, breathable sling and a 15-degree abduction pillow. The shoulder and waist strap buckles make the brace easy to apply. It is useful in rotator cuff tears, along with other non-surgical and post-op shoulder conditions.

The Arc 2.0 Shoulder Brace

Image 4 ARC 2
The Arc 2.0 Shoulder Brace is designed to fit every patient size in one adjustable brace. The aluminum waistband is moldable to your torso size and prevents anterior migration. The 2.0 material moves moisture away from the skin and enables quick evaporation to prevent sweat. It is used for a variety of non-surgical and post-op conditions.


The Tennis Elbow Strap

Image 5 Tennis Elbow Strap
The Tennis Elbow Strap provides focused compression to relieve discomfort caused by tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.

The T Scope Elbow Premier Brace

Image 6 T Scope Elbow
The T Scope Elbow Premier Brace is designed for fixed or controlled range of motion in the treatment of ligamentous injuries and fractures of the elbow or upper arm. This brace is one of the most lightweight, low profile post-op elbow braces available. All of the aluminum bars, pads and straps can be adjusted for different arm sizes and any swelling or post-op dressings.

Wrist / Hand

Apollo Wrist Braces

Image 7a Apollo Wrist Brace
Apollo Wrist Braces are constructed of soft, comfortable foam material.  There is an adjustable dual closure providing greater contour and an individual fit.  The palmar stay is malleable to allow for adjustment. There are braces to either include or exclude the thumb. 

FastForm Bracing Technology

Image 8 Fast Form
FastForm Bracing Technology is a highly conformable and biodegradable polymer combined with an effective moisture wicking system and fast dry liner.  It is molded to your arm similar to a cast, but can be removed easily (if ordered to by your doctor) and can get wet.  You will be provided with care instructions at the time of your fitting. 


Neoprene Knee Sleeves

Image 9 Neoprene Knee Sleeve
Neoprene Knee Sleeves are designed to provide soft support, compression and warmth.

Neoprene Thigh Sleeves

Image 10 Neoprene Thigh Sleeve 

Neoprene Thigh Sleeves are designed to provide soft support, compression and warmth.

The Patella Tendon Strap

Image 11 Patella Tendon Strap
The Patella Tendon Strap provides adjustable compression to the patella. This is used to aid patellar tendonitis and chondromalacia.

The Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer

Image 12 TriPanel Knee Immobilizer
The Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer offers a fully-adjustable design for various injuries and instabilities. This brace is commonly used for acute knee ligament injuries, fractures, osteochondral, meniscal and extensor mechanism injuries and repairs.

The T-Scope Premier Post-Op Knee Brace

Image 13 Tscope Post Op Knee Brace
The T-Scope Premier Post-Op Knee Brace provides protected and controlled range-of-motion for patients recovering from knee surgery or those who have knee injuries or instabilities. It is commonly used for ligament repairs and injuries, as well as meniscus and patella tendon repairs. The design is lightweight and easily adjustable for a customized fit.

The Recover Knee Brace

Image 14 Recover Knee Brace
The Recover Knee Brace combines a low profile nature of a hinged ligament brace with the functionality of a post-operative brace.  The wrap around design makes it easy to apply.  The T-Scope hinge offers range of motion control.

The Hinged Knee Open Back Knee Brace

Image 15 Hinged Knee Open Back Brace
The Hinged Knee Open Back Knee Brace is designed for mild ligament instabilities and contains medial and lateral hinges for stability.  The neoprene hinged knee sleeve offers compression and warmth while the open back allows freedom of movement.

The Crossover Knee Brace

Image 16 Crossover Knee Brace
The Crossover Knee Brace features a hinged wraparound design allowing for application without removing shoes and is ideal for patients with limited reach.

The FreeRunner Knee Brace

Image 17 Freerunner Knee Brace
The FreeRunner Knee Brace is the premier soft brace for patellofemoral support. The design brings together moderate compression for support in necessary areas with light compression over the patella and popliteal panel for a non-binding fit. The breathable and lightweight design allows athletes and patients to focus on their game rather than their knee brace.

The Freesport Knee Brace

Image 18 Freesport Knee BraceThe Freesport Knee Brace provides mild to moderate patellar support.  The compression fabric contains a lateral buttress that offers comfortable fit in a wraparound design.

The PTO Knee Brace

Image 19 PTO Knee Brace
The PTO Knee Brace is designed to align the knee for patients with improper tracking of the patella.  This brace adjusts the amount of compression applied from the lateral side by forming a soft wall that controls patellar tracking.

The Z-12 Knee Brace

Image 20 Z12 Knee BraceThe Z-12 Knee Brace is one of the lightest rigid ligament braces available. The lightweight magnesium frame is not recommended for contact sports.

The Fusion Knee Brace

Image 21 Fusion Knee Brace
The Fusion Knee Brace provides protection for the ACL, PCL, and collateral ligaments.  It is ideal for normal daily activities as well as athletic endeavors.

The Axiom Elite Knee Brace

Image 22 Axiom Elite Knee Brace
The Axiom Elite Knee Brace is a rigid, durable and comfortable brace providing support for the ACL, PCL or combined ligament injuries.  This is a brace that is as demanding as the patient needs it to be.  Whether you are competing in competitive contact sports or working in a physically demanding occupation, this brace will support you.

The Freestyle OA Knee Brace

Image 23 Freestyle OA Knee Brace
The Freestyle OA Knee Brace provides offloading of the medial or lateral compartment for mild to moderate osteoarthritis. The comfortable and breathable design provides focused compression to address swelling and promote blood flow. This brace comes in various sizes and offers an easy-to-use adjusting system.

The DUO (Dynamic Unloading Osteoarthritis) Knee Brace

Image 24 DUO Knee Brace
The DUO (Dynamic Unloading Osteoarthritis) Knee Brace is the only dual-upright dynamic OA brace available.  This brace creates a load across the joint when the knee is straight and reduces the load as the knee flexes.  Thus, when the patient is bearing weight, the brace is actively working.  DUO reduces force when sitting, making it ideal for patients who need to wear a brace full-time for daily activities.

Ankle / Foot

The Post-Op Shoe

Image 25 Post-Op Shoe
The Post-Op Shoe provides foot protection in post-op and post trauma situations. A reinforced padded heel and breathable mesh upper make this brace functional and comfortable.

The Stirrup Ankle Brace

Image 26 Stirrup Ankle Brace
The Stirrup Ankle Brace provides rigid medial and lateral support while allowing flexion and extension motion at the ankle.

The Genesis Full Shell Walker

Image 27a Genesis Full Shell WalkerImage 27b Genesis Walker Short Boot
The Genesis Full Shell Walker is the lightest full shell pneumatic walker boot on the market. The design uses a dynamic air chamber in the shell that absorbs the shock of heel strike. This brace is available in short and tall designs and is used for ankle sprains and strains, forefoot sprains, and foot or ankle fractures.

The Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

Image 28 Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace
The Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace is made from Performathane soft shell technology to provide the perfect balance between support and comfort.

The Ultra CTS Ankle Brace

Image 29 Ultra CTS Ankle Brace
The Ultra CTS Ankle Brace is a custom treatment system that transforms from acute ankle brace to low profile activity brace – and back again.  The PerformaFit removable upright facilitates treatment and rehabilitation.  This material custom forms to the injured ankle and constantly reforms with reduction in swelling.

The Wraptor Ankle Stabilizer

Image 30 Wraptor Ankle Stabilizer
The Wraptor Ankle Stabilizer is utilized for chronic and acute ankle sprains and protective sportswear, among other things. The figure 8 strapping design mimics traditional athletic taping without gapping.

Silicone Heel Cups

Image 31 Silicone Heel Cups
Silicone Heel Cups provide shock absorption and cushion to the bottom of the heel with the blue center area specifically designed to unload stress to painful areas.

The Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

Image 32 Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint
The Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint is uniquely designed for a prolonged stretch and relief of plantar fasciitis symptoms. The design is lightweight while incorporating an extra thick liner and padded strapping for increased comfort.


The Horizon Lumbar Support

Image 33 Horizon Lumbar SupportThe Horizon Lumbar Support provides excellent support and stability in a comfortable circumferential compression design.  It has an adjustable tightening system to assist patients with trunk stability. 

Canes / Crutches / Walkers

A Push Button Cane

Image 34 Push Button Cane
A Push Button Cane is made of lightweight aluminum with vinyl handgrips that provide comfortable assistance with balance. The cane adjusts from 30’’ to 39’’. It’s curved handle allows users to hook the cane over their arm while performing tasks.

Push Button Crutches

Image 35 Push Button Crutches
Push Button Crutches are constructed of lightweight aluminum with comfortable underarm pads and foam handgrips. They are offered in 3 different sizes with heights ranging 4’6’’-5’2’’, 5’2’’-5’10’’, and 5’10’’-6’6’’.

A Folding Walker

Image 36 Folding Walker
A Folding Walker is made from lightweight aluminum with comfortable, contoured vinyl handgrips. 5’’ wheels can be ordered as an accessory for increased mobility. This walker folds up easily so it can be transported with you wherever you need.

Cold Therapy

The Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy

Image 37a Polar Care CubeImage 37b Polar Care CubeThe Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy is a simple and reliable system to deliver cold therapy to an injured or post-surgical area.  Cold therapy assists in pain management following injury or surgery.  

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